Quelle est la meilleure occasion de porter le noeud papillon?

Quelles sont les occasions de porter le nœud papillon?

The bow tie was very popular in the 19th century, it was dethroned by the tie in the 1920s to reappear in the 2000s. Its virtual disappearance was caused by the fact that for some men it was very difficult to tie.

Our company recommends the pre-knotted bow tie to facilitate the wearing of it for your occasions such as classic, country, bohemian weddings or approaching pastel colors. Depending on the type of wedding you have the choice to proudly wear a silk, cotton or leather bow for the big day.

Major events such as galas, cocktails, proms or artistic evenings are also opportunities to display your personality by approaching a knot made of leather, silk or shiny fabrics.

At work, some creative professions show eccentricity in their clothing such as the IT sector, the media, lawyers, bankers, doctors, insurance. It is therefore interesting and appropriate to present yourself with a cotton knot addressing wacky patterns. 

More serious professional circles are also places to wear the cotton bow tie in neutral colors so as not to deviate from the company's clothing framework.

Festive evenings such as family celebrations, New Year's Eve, a baptism, New Year, a 5 to 7 or a first date allow you to display your personality according to your mood or style. You will be able to present yourself with a knot in the color of your choice and according to the material that suits you.  

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