Comment agencer le mouchoir de poche au nœud papillon.

How to arrange the handkerchief to the bow tie.

Most of the fabrics used to make CollectionMarieGlow fashion accessories are made of eccentric patterns. A good way to arrange them together is to consider the end result of your look. By final result I refer to the color of the jacket, shirt and pants.Like for example a knot with original patterns will undeniably attract attention. In order not to mitigate its effect it is therefore important to choose a plain handkerchief chosen according to the predominant or secondary colors of the knot but whose color does not swear with the jacket and shirt. Vice versa if you opt for a handkerchief with eccentric patterns, you will opt for a bow tie of solid color that will match both the handkerchief and the rest of your clothes.

It is also possible to wear the knot and the handkerchief addressing the same patterns but you will then have to take into account the patterns of your dress so as not to give a bad impression on your appearance. It is therefore preferable to approach a suit with solid colors such as black, gray, navy blue, green ... Or preferably to match a black jacket to gray pants, brown pants to a black jacket, navy pants to a gray jacket.

Pay attention to the different tones and shades of colors when arranging jacket, pants. Contact us for clothing advice according to your guard will be happy to guide you in the choice of your accessories according to your style, your color palette and your upcoming event.

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